trenbolone hexahydrobenzylcarbonate

The patch has analgesic, anti-inflammatory and muscle-relaxing effect, it helps to restore the function of the musculoskeletal system (joints, muscles and ligaments), including the spine, as well as faster recovery and reduce the impact of closed soft tissue injuries of the musculoskeletal system (bruises , sprains and trenbolone hexahydrobenzylcarbonate muscle sprains of the joints, skin bruising and hematomas, etc.).

The combined effect of infrared (heat) radiation and magnetic field leads to the improvement of local (local) blood and lymph circulation, reduction of congestion and improving venous return, reduce the inflammatory reaction: swelling, pain. It improves local metabolism, relaxes muscles and ligaments. It helps restore the function of the musculoskeletal system, reduced bruising, and hemorrhaging in injuries of soft tissues and joints.

Indications for use:

  • cervical osteochondrosis, including its manifestation in the form of headaches, dizziness, sensitivity of the upper extremities,
  • thoracic osteochondrosis,
  • intercostal neuralgia,
  • lumbar osteochondrosis, lumbago, sciatica,
  • neck and shoulder, chest, sciatica,
  • other diseases of the spine, accompanied by local pain,
  • pain in the neck, back, lumbar region against the background of osteochondrosis and infringement of nerves,
  • spondyloarthrosis,
  • arthritis, arthrosis, osteoarthritis (osteoarthritis) of large joints, including the knee, hip and shoulder joints,
  • closed soft tissue injuries – bruises, strains and sprains, reduction of dislocation of the joints, skin bruising and bruising,
  • sports injuries.How to use: For external use only! The patch does not require pretreatment. Remove the protective layer. Lock the patch on a dry area of the skin in the area disturbing. The patch is disposable. Do not be reused! Unlike ointments, creams and gels, adhesive leaves no residue on the skin and clothing removed easily and painlessly fixing material has a solid color. Using patch convenient and comfortable, does not restrict movement, it does not change your lifestyle. For trenbolone hexahydrobenzylcarbonate ease of use, depending on the localization of the disturbing field produced two patch sizes: 9×12 cm and 12×18 cm.Directions: It is recommended to keep the skin no more than 12 hours. The next patch is used not earlier than 6 hours after the removal of the previous one. In the treatment of exacerbations of chronic diseases of the spine and joints it is recommended to use the average rates of the patch 9- 15 days followed by a break of one week. In the treatment of acute pain is usually applied adhesive syndrome from 3 to 9 days but possibly longer if necessary use. In the treatment of sports injuries, soft tissue injuries, sprains and muscle hematomas and hemorrhaging, depending on the severity of the condition to use from 3 to 6 days. In some cases – to 9 days. The patch may be used in conjunction with physiotherapy treatments, as well as physical therapy and massage. Use with caution if the skin is prone to allergies. The emergence of a sense of light burning and heat in the therapeutic effects of the patch is a normal reaction and does not require the cessation of use.Compatibility: The patch may be used in a complex therapy, is compatible with drugs, with the exception of simultaneous use of other external agents on the same areas of the skin.Side effects: Rarely allergic reactions to individual components of the patch on the skin of people who are prone to allergic reactions, especially against the background of increased sweating in the form of rashes and itching, usually a transient. In the event of persistent reactions – stop use and consult a doctor.Contraindications: Pregnancy, an open wound.

    Product form:

    One or more of the sealed package of three external patch size 9×12 cm or 12×18 cm each, packed in a cardboard box with the enclosed instructions for use.The sealed package of three external patch size 9×12 cm or 12×18 cm without the carton.

    Storage and use conditions: Keep adhesive tape, including at the opening of the packaging, in a dry place at room temperature out of reach of children. The protective film trenbolone hexahydrobenzylcarbonate must be removed immediately before use. The patch of the opened package is suitable for use for not more than 30 days.

    Shelf life:

    5 years.Do not use after the expiration date printed on the package.

    Conditions of supply: Without prescription.

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